Summer colour

To show I am not a complete wine nut, here’s something that worked well for myself and family. Red berry coulis + bananas + cream, washed down with a glass of Thatchers Rose sweet cider. All bought locally except the redcurrants for the coulis, which I grew in my garden. Coulis – a mix of redcurrants and raspberries. Why Rose cider? Well, a lot cheaper than many sweet wines, and colour matches the dessert. Hope you might try it.

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The Cat Amongst The Pigeons

So you are in the wine section and looking at all those Argentine Malbecs, when you spot a Chilean Malbec produced by Luis Felipe Edwards, priced at £5.99 – all I can say is Stop! Take a breath! And then take a chance, because it is well worth it, and I would go further to suggest buying this modestly priced item which has character, aroma and length. Length is the flavour lingering after the wine is consumed. Enjoy the aroma, the fruity taste and the length – at this price there are not many wines with all three attributes.

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Happy V E Day everyone!

Whether it’s Pimms or Prosecco or a simple pot of tea…

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A Simple Affair

When it comes to my mid-week meal, I don’t want complicated. Four ingredients and a good bottle of wine: that’s how I like it. Waitrose Easy To Cook Lamb Rump + Parmentier potatoes + broccoli + carrots with some Barbera d’Asti ( listed at £9.49), plus the company of people I love.

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A Splendid Easter Sunday Wine

Still fresh as a daisy, Patricius Furmint 2017 made a great partner for our chicken and pancetta bake. I doubt if the Furmint grape is on everyone’s radar, but anyone who knows Tokaj will appreciate what it can produce. £9.99, Waitrose.

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The Holy Trinity – and I’m not talking about faith

This threesome is peppers, onion and celery, and is a bit of a Cajun calling card. Do you like Cajun food? I do. Waitrose Cajun style chicken breasts + “The Holy Trinity” + Garlic paste + sweet potato + Martisor Pinot Grigio (also Waitrose) worked well for my little midweek family meal.

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Whoah, not Elbling again?

I’ve worked out why I like this wine so much. The Elbling grape is related to the Riesling, but there’s an important difference. Riesling wines command attention with their distinctive assertive style. Elbling is, for me, gently assertive. It doesn’t distract from the tv I’m watching, or the meal on my plate! £6.99 Waitrose.

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For Wider Reading

Simply to recommend two very good sites on anyone’s wine journey. Madeline Puckette’s Wine Folly and Gavin Hubble’s Wine Guy deliver stacks of useful information about wine in attractive formats. So that’s and

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Cake to finish?

I just finished a meal with some Genoa cake. I must say the Waitrose version is fabulous. And to wash it down? The cellar was bare tonight , but another time I’ll try either some Mavrodaphne or Vin Santo. Or a nice hot cup of tea!

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Good food and wine in John Clare country

A Chilean Pinot Noir and a white Rioja were enjoyed at The Blue Bell Glinton last night alongside various meal choices – duck, hake, sausages – by myself and eight friends.

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